Kamarg Classic Rucksack (re-introduced)

Created by Franz Drack

Kamarg Classic Rucksack (re-introduced)
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995 backers pledged €94,407.00 on Kickstarter

The return of the classic Austrian backpack. Lightweight, water repellent, sustainable.

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€94,407.00 / 995 backers
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€8,510.00 / 1,042 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: September 2017
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Kamarg Rucksack.
Kamarg Classic Rucksack and Kamarg raincover. Ships within two working days.
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Kamarg Rucksack Double Pack
2 Kamarg Classic Rucksacks and 2 Kamarg raincovers. Ships within 2 working days.
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Kamarg Postcards and Buttons
Kamarg Postcards and Kamarg Buttons Quantities: 3x3 Postcards 3x5 Buttons
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Kamarg Raincover
The original Kamarg raincover. With draining hole, a clip to attach to your Kamarg and a refle... more »